Monday, December 2, 2013

Ruffle Trees

Once again, I found a cute Christmas craft on Pinterest that I thought looked super easy that was actually a little difficult. But thankfully, my little trees were cute enough to be worth the hassle.

After seeing these trees from Inspiring Homestyle, I thought ,"hmm, that might not be too hard, I mean I had several of those rags left over from the rag garland last week so this will be easy peasy".
While it wasn't as time-consuming as the rag garland, making all my ruffles even, hiding the straight edge of the fabric and making sure everything lined up right was an OCD nightmare, but after the first one, I got the hang of it!

ribbon (or fabric)
hot glue
cone (Styrofoam, paper mache, wood, doesn't matter)

1. Now, if you follow Traci's directions, you would have bought ribbon like a smart person. Since I already had fabric, I decided to cut my fabric into 3.5" wide strips (like the ribbon she used) and then wrap them around the cone to see how long they needed to be.

2. Fold the strip of fabric (or ribbon) in half vertically and hot glue the sides together (so it will go from being 3.5" inches wide to 1.75" wide).

3. Cut along the side to make little ruffles. I cut about half way up and put about half an inch between each cut. You can't really see it very well, it shows up better on Traci's version.

Staci's ribbon version

4. Next, wrap your ruffle with the flat side around the tree, securing with hot glue. This is where things got frustrating for me.

You see, as I wrapped the fabric then tried to repeat the step again with my next layer of ruffles, the ruffles weren't covering the flat section of the layer underneath. Because of the little bubble of fabric that wasn't wrapping tight to the cone. 

So, I went back, cut a little notch and hot glued that booger down. 

5. Repeat the steps above, measuring, cutting, gluing, making ruffles and securing each ruffle strip to the cone until you give up get to the tip.

6. Now, Traci made a cute little burlap cross over thing to finish out her tree, but I had a little mini star from Michael's (from their "My Own Tree" collection). So I went almost to the top then just colored the paper mache cone red around the tip and put my little star on top. Oh, and I made a white & red one too.

I'll tell you about those little bags in the background on Wednesday...


  1. It looks awesome! Yay Christmas crafting!

  2. These are super cute! I made a craft this weekend that I too thought would be super quick, but ended up taking forever. Are these the larger size? I got like the medium, but I wonder if they would be too small.

  3. These are adorable! Such a great idea!

  4. Your trees turned out great! I like that you made use of material you already had! Thank you for including a link back to mine. Happy Holidays!

  5. Girrrl, you have some patience. haha I'm glad you always stick to your projects though because they always turn out so cute!!