Monday, December 16, 2013

mini vacation

Josh and I took a little mini, one-night vacation Saturday night to go to Durham and see the Carolina Ballet perform The Nutcracker at the Durham Performing Arts Center and to enjoy a lunch Christmas get together with out tailgate crew on Sunday.

It was awesome.

Not just because we ate good food and I got to wear a pretty dress to a ballet, but because it was nice to just get away together.

Just that one night away where I could enjoy a long shower without worrying about using up the hot water or if Sawyer was going to come climbing in the shower was enough to make the trip amazing.

Saturday, we ate a quick lunch at the Cheesecake Factory( because I had a gift card.... that I left in the car... oops). Then went to our hotel and relaxed (and napped since I have bronchitis, of course) before the ballet.

I got to wear my new dress, which is probably going to be getting lots of wear since it is my new favorite.

Eliza J "Lace & Fraille" Dress 

And then we took the hotel shuttle to the tobacco district to grab some dinner. We went to Cuban Revolution and sadly, were not impressed. I expected our paella and tostones to be full of flavor, but sadly they fell flat. My "Sweet Teani" was good though!

excuse the horrible hotel room lighting 
The ballet was absolutely beautiful. It had magic, acrobatics and all kinds of stuff in addition to the amazing dancing. Josh even seemed to enjoy it, when usually he'd be tired of sitting still after the first 30 minutes. 

I had never seen the ballet version of The Nutcracker before, but had seen the movie starring Macauly Culkin back in the day, and I am glad that I did. I feel like I would have been confused about what was happening if not.

Sunday we slept in a little before grabbing breakfast in the hotel and running some last minute Christmas errands in Raleigh (including buying a a Jake & the Neverland Pirates comforter for Sawyer's pirate ship bed). 

Then we met our tailgate crew for lunch at Tobacco Road in downtown Raleigh. It was a little different to not have a "party" for our Christmas get together, like we usually do  but it was nice to spend some time with our friends since we don't seem them all that often when it isn't football season!

From now through Christmas we have something scheduled almost every day! Between year-end meetings at work, gatherings with friends & family and some last-minute shopping it will be a busy, busy time for all of us. But tis the season!


  1. OMG I love your dress - you look so HAWT! Good for you being able to sit through the Nutcracker...I strugglebus it.

  2. Seriously such a hottie, that dress is amazing and just perfect on you! Sounds like a fun weekend with your honey and friends! I'm so not ready for the Christmas craziness. lol

  3. I'm so sorry you didn't like Cuban Revolution! I've only been there once and it was okay. I wish I had realized you were going to be in town. There's so many fun restaurants downtown, really close to DPAC now. I love that dress. It looks so gorgeous on you!