Friday, December 21, 2012

Tailgate Christmas Party

We hosted a Christmas party for all our tailgate friends last Saturday and I think it was quite the success.
our invitation
There was food a plenty, laughs galore and copious amounts of flipcup (aka the recipe for any good party).

I did have on boots at the beginning of the evening, but between walking around too much and not wanting to be a good foot taller than everyone in pictures, they were quickly replaced by flats

I got the great (and free) "Elf" quote printable from Inviting Printables, and just changed the coloring.

The food for the evening was:
Throw-Up Dip (yes it's really called that - just sausage, Rotelle & cream cheese)
Cake & Fruit Kabobs (see here)
Puppy Chow (timeless classic)
Chocolate Fondue with Pirouette Straws, cake & Strawberries to dip
Banana Nutella Bites (which I found via Ashley @ Life is Beautiful)
Rollo Pecan Pretzels

Sawyer threw a giant fit in the kitchen at some point...

And we finally got a picture of the entire tailgate crowd (minus our friends Melvin & Charlie who couldn't make it). 


  1. I've never heard it called "throw up dip", but that's my favorite dip ever! I'll have to start calling it that :)

  2. love the red pants and sparkly top!!

  3. Looks like it was a fun party! I LOVE your red pants!! And I'm totally the same way about heels- I'm 5'8" and anytime I wear heals I'm taller than just about all my friends and end up looking like a giant in pictures :-)