Wednesday, December 12, 2012

farm animals & emergency room visits

First off, hi there, long time no post. 

Now, on to a story about last weekend, it was a doozy.

You see, Sawyer has had a little tummy issue for the past week and a half,  and it kind of came and went and came again. We kept hoping it would go away and he would start eating regular food without it… you know… making a reappearance (at either end, sorry I know that is more than a little gross)

So, Saturday we decided to take him to his friend (and our best friend Chris Mitchell’s niece) Rorie’s farm-animal-themed birthday party in hopes that all the fun would make him feel better.  And it did for awhile, he rode the pony...

saw a Zebra (how funny does Rorie’s dad look holding a leash with a Zebra on the end of it?)...

some alpacas….

a freaking teacup pig…

 and hung out with a dwarf horse....

…then his stomach got even worse. We changed his diaper 12 times between 4 p.m. and 11 p.m. and he threw up twice. Josh and I talked to my dad and decided it was time to take him to the emergency room.

Now. You need to understand that I am not the mom that thinks every sniffle deserves a doctor’s visit. But, because he had been not eating, miserable and lethargic for so long we knew we needed to take him in to the doctor and that there was no way we could do it on Monday, so we drove to the pediatric emergency room Sunday morning.

Poor little guy was dehydrated so they immediately got him some IV fluids running (which was just no fun at all, seeing him with a needle stuck in his little arm).

hanging out on the hospital bed with his ID anklet

playing with his stickers after getting his IV.

They ran some tests and decided that because the Big Guy had been on an antibiotic for his upper respiratory then immediately had a stomach virus that he had killed all the good bacteria in his belly and we needed to replenish it. So, thankfully all we have to do now is make him eat lots of live, active yogurt and take some probiotics.

laying with daddy, getting fluids and watching cartoons on Papa's iPad

popsicles are his new favorite.

Needless to say, we were extraordinarily tired on Monday and BOTH of us had big meetings (although I will say mine was much worse considering I had to present all the Gold Key awards and also deliver the annual report to the Board of Education… sorry husband, I win).

Any way, now that work is going to slow down just a little I am can hopefully be getting home at a decent hour and get some blogging done! So, watch out folks, I’m back.


  1. hope your little boy gets to feeling much much better this week! don't want him feeling icky when santa claus is bout to come to town. :)

    that zebra picture is pretty funny.

  2. oh gosh that sounds awful! What a tiring week. I hope he's getting much better!

  3. oh, I hope he's feeling better now... that little zebra is too cute!