Monday, December 31, 2012

My Husband: Surprise Ruiner

Who's 6 foot 4, has a ginger beard and likes ruining fun surprises their wives thought really hard about?

This guy.

On the evening before Christmas Eve (the only time Josh and I could find time to open our gifts from each other), my husband found this in his stocking:

Now, most guys may have been excited and curious, and maybe even trying hard to figure out what the surprise was going to be and such. 

My husband? Not so much.

He wanted to know right then. He couldn't stand the suspense and felt like "it wasn't really a present" since he wouldn't get it until January 26-27. 

So, I caved. Because I wanted husband to be excited. 

We are going to to the Food Truck Rodeo in Durham, NC (just an hour and a half from our town) and staying overnight the night before just to have a little get away. 

I read about the "rodeo" from Life of Lu who went back in October, and I just knew that my husband would love a fun little outing like that. 

47 food trucks with all kinds of food waiting for us to get our nom on? Heaven for Josh (and yes, me too).

But I am still giving him a clue each week dagonit because I already took the time to print them. 

Silly boys. 

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  1. O my gosh, my husband would DIE for a trip like that! I need to see if there's anything like that closer to us, so fun!