Thursday, December 13, 2012

Saw it, Pinned in, Did it #4

Finally, I can link up again with Katie @ Keep Calm & Carry On & Steph @ BEAUtiful Mess for Saw it, Pinned it, Did it! And it's kind of a two-fer today!

I saw this great idea on how to display Christmas cards at Greener Grass.

Doesn't it look so much better than the whole “let me see how many of these things I can get on my fridge with only 15 magnets” thing?

So, I decided to duplicate it on my china cabinet doors.

It was super crazy simple – here’s what you need:
Packing Tape (unless you can tie yours behind the cabinet door)
Clothes Pins
Christmas Cards

1)      Cut ribbon and tape it to the back side of your cabinet door (at Greener Grass, she tied her ribbon, but since my door was glass, I could not).

2)      Then, using clothespins attach your Christmas cards to the ribbon

3)      BAM enjoy the Christmas cards of all you friends and family

 See? Crazy, stupid easy.

On a related, Pinterest note, I also finally hung the shelf that I blogged about wanting back in JULY. I copied got the inspiration for it from this post right here that I found on Pinterest:

Original Pin: 
via Happy at Home
My Version:

I can't take the credit for actually building the shelf since my papa did it for me. But I did add the personal touches and I think it really pulls the room together since we don't have a headboard.

here are more detailed shots of the shelf:
lanterns from ZGallerie, little sign from Hobby Lobby and frame from Wal-Mart (and spray painted)
monogram print from For Chic Sake, big frame, little bird & blue pot from Hobby Lobby
candle holders from ZGallerie, succulent plant from Target and  NC print from The Vintage Lemon
And now the bedroom is ALMOST complete – so I can finally show you some pictures of the master bedroom… yes I was totally waiting for the shelf to post any of these pictures… I admit it.

this will one day have a picture over it with a sofa cushion to match the bed... and that medicine cabinet WILL be hung in the bathroom soon... i hope.
our bathroom vanity (which sits in the bedroom between our closet and shower/toilet area) 
the shower/toilet room, we DID have a pretty turquoise bath mat... but the stomach flu and it had a fight... the flu one.

So, go link up! Pin something, then bake it/make it happen :)


  1. I wanted to do that for my cards but I'm lazy and stuck em to our closet as usual. Love your bedroom!

  2. Ohh, I love the shelf over your bed; I think it's cuter than the original pin! All the bright color accents really make it! :)

    I ended up doing something similar with our cards this year except my ribbons are horizontal across the coat closet door by our front door. I'm with you, I'm glad to have the clutter off my fridge and not having to finagle one more crd on there without the other 25 falling off! Ha!


  3. Your shelf looks great! I love it. I also love the colors in your bedroom! Count me as someone else who really needs to FINISH their master bedroom. It's soooo not even close. I have a big wall that is empty and I don't really know what to put there...hmm

  4. Your bedroom is so pretty and that shelf is PERFECT over the bed! You're so good at decorating! :)

  5. Oh and were your walls already painted or did you do that? If so, what's the color? I like it!!

  6. LOVING the shelf!! And I agree with Jessica on the color of the walls, it looks SO good with the color of your bedding. Makes me super excited to have a house of my own and walls that I can paint!

  7. Love both of these. Adding them to my to-do list now!

    visiting from the linkup!

  8. I love the shelf and the colors you used in your room. I am looking to have this theme in my apartment.

  9. Oooh I LOVE that shelf above your bed!! And you bedroom colors...SWOON!! Great job girlfriend! I think yours looks better than the pin!

    Thank you for linking up with us!! xoxo