Wednesday, December 19, 2012

update on Sawyer and Christmas decor

Just a little update from yesterday about Sawyer: We came home from the hospital last night around 4:30ish and he is doing pretty good. Our stipulation for coming home was that he must drink at least 1.5 ounces every hour, so we're trying our best to keep him hydrated. They did discover that he also has C.Difficile, a bacterial infection sometimes caused when you've take an antibiotic to treat an infection and the drug destroy ssome of the normal, helpful bacteria as well as the bacteria causing the illness. So, that is probably where all the yucky tummy stuff was coming from. He was sent home with a strong antibiotic he has to take very six hours (yes, even during the night). So please keep praying that he will bounce back!

laying in bed watching videos on the iPad
because of the C.Dif, anyone who came in had to robe up and put on gloves, so we got a big yellow sign on our hospital door, good times.
laying with daddy and several stuffed animals
On a happier note, here are some of our Christmas decorations we've got going on in the Edmondson house. 

(expect a Saw it, Pinned it, Did it post on this mantle decorating scheme)


  1. SO glad the little guy is getting better. It must be so scary. Your house looks fabulous!

  2. Aww I am glad the little guy is getting better!! Omg your house is so cute! And it looks so good!!!

  3. I'm a new follower, and have been enjoying your blog! I hope your little guy continues to feel better!