Friday, November 30, 2012

Upcoming Excitement

There are so many activities (if you don't get why that is funny and italics, you need to see Step Brothers or visit this link and try to ignore the language) coming up!

Sawyer gets to experience his first Christmas parade! He didn't get to go last year thanks to the cruddy weather, so I am hoping he will enjoy it this year!

December 8
My friend Rachel is coming home from Hungary where she has been teaching since August so some ladies are getting together with her to do a low-key, but fun reunion hitting up a comedy club and grabbing some dinner.
at Rachel's going away party in August
Me, Rachel & Hope in our friend Dana's wedding (2009)
I can hardly wait to actually see her in person instead of just skyping and emailing!

December 13
Sunday school Christmas party, always fun with Bingo and steaks (did I mention that we go to the "old people" Sunday School class because my dad teaches it, so we are the youngest people by about 50 years?

December 14
Moody/Harrell/Edmondson Christmas party with my family and sister's boyfriend's family. 
Sawyer "helping" unwrap gifts at last year's Christmas gathering

Me, John John & Dee at the ECU//UNC game in 2011

December 15
Christmas Tailgate Party. Not like a literal tailgate, but we having our tailgate crowd over to the new house to not only let them see it but also to celebrate Christmas! And get to see each other now that football season is over.


  1. Looks like you will be a busy lady with lots of fun things ahead! Merry Christmas!

  2. I love the busy times around Christmas, it's always for good reason! ;)

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