Tuesday, November 20, 2012

photo flop.

taking a little break from the house tour to talk about how I have a major love/hate relationship with taking pictures.

We took a moment Saturday to grab some shots to use for our Christmas cards.... and I didn't like hardly any of them.

Not because they aren't good pictures (after all, my dad took them), but because I didn't really think through them too well before we took them (which is insane because I am usually a little bit a major over-thinker)

I wanted to go take another picture by the water tower in my home town, since my favorite wedding picture was taken there. I thought it would be cool to have another one there, two years later with Sawyer.

Well the weather didn't corporate since it was SO windy and sunny we squinted for every picture.
see, I have no eyes.
AND our reds don't match (Yes, i realize how petty this is)

But I did get three that I like.

This one:

But wait, my Christmas cards say "merry christmas from our new home"... so what sense does it make to have the water tower from our old town in the background?

Also, could my shirt be any more wrinkly? And why did I think red was a good idea for me?

And these two, mainly because it is just too precious of our little bug and Josh needs more pics of just them two.

So now I am stalking Pinterest for better ideas for posing and such, since I didn't even think about how I need the picture to be close together and close up to fit our Christmas cards the first time. 

These are my favorites...

except maybe we could have Sookie in one our laps since we obviously don't have a second childvia
this is my absolute favorite, and probably what we will go with, close up and "homey" so it would fit with the "Merry Christmas from our new home" theme

this is a close second favorite since I could hide all those body parts of me I don't really care for behind Joshua haha


  1. You're crazy....red looks so good on you!! And I love the one of Sawyer swinging between y'all...so stinkin' cute!

  2. You are crazy, you look so awesome in red! But since I'm totally picky too (and I don't mean that like I'm picking apart YOUR pictures) I get what you mean when you kick yourself over little details later!! I personally love all of your pictures but if you're not happy with them, take some more! and your sweet boy is just the cutest. Red is his color too!

    and that last picture just made me smile so much. That couple's wedding was one of the first I found when looking for wedding inspiration after getting engaged so it's so neat to see them as parents now! #stalker ha!

  3. Okay, I'm totally the same way about my colors matching! I want my "reds" to all be the same! Or if I'm wearing a brown shirt, I want brown wash jeans. Not blue wash jeans. As if anyone else notices this!! Ha ha :)
    But I LOVE your pictures! Your family is so adorable and the 3 your showing turned out perfect!!

  4. i heart your blog!
    i'm a new GFC follower :)

  5. You guys look great! Good luck next time, hope the weather gets better for you :)