Wednesday, November 7, 2012

tailgate update

This past weekend was our second-to-last home game for the East Carolina Pirates - and it was a little chilly... and windy... and sunny. And? Tailgating started at 8am since we had a 12pm game - woof that's early.
Hope & Me (finally she's there in person instead of spirit!) all bundled up
Pirate Ladies pic - guess which one of us is from the beach
(if you guessed the one bundled up in a blanket, winter coat and hoodie - you're right)
husband had a tummy ache so he spent a little while laying in the back of our friend Samuel's truck...
Despite the weather, I desperately wanted to rock my new ECU Toms that I got for my birthday... and of course all that cold + no socks = numb toes. So our friend Charlie was nice enough to lend me his thermal socks, which I totally rocked with my Toms.

We had a LOT of wind burn, but it was a nice game still since we whooped the Houston Cougars!
Joshua & Me

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