Friday, November 16, 2012

Decor Amour: Part 1.

When I discovered we had to move for husband's job, the feature that excited me most wasn't the bigger size of house we would be getting, or being closer to work (and more importantly, Bojangles), instead I was most excited about getting to decorate a new house!

Thanks to Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods and spray paint. I re-decorated on a budget and I love the results.

Here are a few shots of the entry way at the new place...

as you can kinda see, my little silver tray on the table has become the drop-off point  for keys, wallets and etc.

by spray-painting old frames, printing out that little "Edmondson" sign and modge-podging it onto an old piece of wood and printing out some printables I made, this was a pretty cheap little entry way. Also, you can see my DIY Initial Art post here.

Directly to the left of the entry way is the living room and a little wall between the living room and play room, where I put some of our wedding pictures.

Then we move on to the living room..

The only new things in the living room are the chairs and couch (Hardees Furniture), green lamps (Target) and silhouette art (DIY project). I spray-painted existing picture frames, then brought the shelf from over our fire place in the old house to put over our new couch, and used our end tables and other furniture from the old house.

Then... there's the other corner of the living room.... that I definitely haven't unpacked. But I have a good reason: we plan on putting the Christmas tree there. And lord knows I don't want to unpack all the books that are filling those gray totes then have to pack them right back up.

Monday, I'll share my favorite room.. the kitchen!


  1. WOW. Your living room seems so HUGE! I wish ours was.

  2. I love it all!! The color scheme in your living room is adorable! Where's the monogram from??

  3. So cute! I love your mini gallery wall in the entryway. Adorable!