Monday, November 5, 2012

Sawyer the Lion

In case you missed it, I purchased Sawyer a little lion costume to wear to the Land of Oz on our mountain trip... which turned out disastrously (read about that here) and discovered that the feet were sewn on backwards! Luckily Toys R Us was really nice and let me exchange it so he could live out his lion dreams on Halloween instead.
backwards feet, facing the tail of the costume
Sadly, a certain little ginger boy was not about the Lion costume once Halloween rolled around.

sad little lion, and an unhappy looking Joshua
But he sucked it up long enough to wear it to the Fall Fun Festival at church and pose for a very blurry family photo and a not-so-bad picture with me too.

thanks Aunt Dee for a great picture... pitiful
happy with his green sucker
I really want to dress up in a "group" costume next year. Like have Josh be Luigi, Sawyer be Mario and I be the princess or Princess Lei, Hans Solo and Yoda (or an Ewok).


  1. Too cute. I also want to do a group costume next year. I would even tell hubby I would do Star Wars.

  2. Awww Sawyer, he's too cute!! :) We were thinking of a group costume for next year too. I think both of those ideas would be awesome for y'all!

  3. ahh his lion costume is adorable!! thanks for sharing these photos