Thursday, October 18, 2012

the Land of Oz - worst day ever.

As I said, we took our annual trip to the mountains of NC the weekend of my daddy's birthday (Oct. 5-9) and it wasn't as fun as last year's trip. 

Why, you ask?

Because the weather was absolutely horrible. Not only was it cold, but it was cold, windy and misty. That miserable kind of rain that just kind of floats around and clings to you.

We got there Saturday evening after a nice little 5 hour drive and went out to Bandanas Saturday night where we had a delicious, delicious appetizer of fried pickles and I had some great teriyaki shrimp and salad. I'd seen on twitter that one of my favorite NC-based Christian bands, Mercy's Well  was playing at a local church so we went and heard them sing. Mercy's Well came to Webbs Chapel awhile back and really blew me away. 

Seriously ya'll, their version of "It is Well" is breathtaking and always brings tears to my eyes, as does their "How Great Thou Art". They aren't your average contemporary praise team, they sing convention style christian music, but I was so happy to see them again and they were so nice saying, "We saw your tweet, glad you joined us!"

It was quite the experience also taking Sawyer into "big church" since he is usually in the nursery at our home church, but he did pretty good.

Sunday we had plans to go to Land of Oz for "Autumn at Oz" for a magical day on the yellow brick road... it was anything but.

I should have known the day as going to be strange when I opened Sawyer's precious little lion costume and discovered that the feet were sewn on backgrounds. So if Sawyer actually wore it, the tail would  be on his belly. Thanks Toys R Us. 

We bundled ourselves up and I realized Sawyer didn't have a rain coat. So I put him in a turtle neck with a regular little sweatshirt style coat thinking he'd be okay. I was wrong.

The weather at the top of Beech Mountain where the park is located was hovering between 35 and 37 degrees and the mist had turned into a steady drizzle. We were armed with our umbrellas and Sawyer's umbrella stroller, but nothing could keep the rain from blowing all over us. We boarded the bus from the parking area to the park and once we climbed off the bus we made it about 10 feet to where the "petting farm" (i.e. wet mini horses huddled behind a trash bag and caged bunnies) and Dorothy's house was before realizing we would be just entirely too miserable to continue, especially with a screaming shivering baby. 

We made the trek back to the bus stop and saw that everyone else was obviously just as miserable and waiting in the very long line for the bus. We stood in line for 30 minutes with Sawyer sobbing from being cold and wet, yet refusing to stay under the umbrellas (he wasn't about being underneath anything). 

Finally the bus arrives and there are too many people so they're calling for "groups of 2" or "1 person to stand" and such, finally someone takes pity and yells "let the lady with the baby on". Well by this point I have  quivering lip, not from cold but from holding back tears because I feel like a horrible mother with my shivering screaming child who is not even close to being dressed appropriately. I approach the bus and the driver goes "sorry ma'am, can't let you stand while holding a baby." A lady sitting on the bus sees how close I am to crying and says "she can have my seat, I"ll stand." praise god for little favors. 

Me and the Bug board the bus and he immediately calms down when he gets warm. We get back to the truck and mama, daddy and Dee get there shortly after.

Needles to say, not even the wizard could make that day better. 

I'll tell you about the rest of the trip tomorrow...

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  1. I am sorry it was such a horrible visit. And that is crazy about the costume did Toys R Us exchange it.