Friday, October 19, 2012

rest of the mountain trip

(read Part 1 here)

The rest of the trip was still pretty rainy and gross so we kept inside mostly, just not our inside at the house.

On Monday, Mama, Sawyer & I hit up the outlets, mainly because Sawyer had to get a coat, beanie and mittens since I did not prepare for such cold-ness (#mommyfail).
Sawbug modeling his new fleece jacket and obviously enjoying  tolerating the shopping trip.

Then we had to make our annual stop at Blowing Rock Grille, one of my favorite restaurants, for lunch. 

Sawyer was definitely ready for a nap by then so we wound back up the mountain to our place and put him to sleep. My wonderful parents watched the Bug long enough for me & Deanna to go see Pitch Perfect, which was hilarious though the writing wasn't too impressive.

Then we just grabbed some pizza on the way back up the mountain and enjoyed our last night on the mountain. Here are some pictures from the trip..

yes, those are turkeys. I had to wait for a good 5 minutes for them to disperse like that so I could get down the road.

Mountain views
the Bug entertaining himself in the bedroom
Buckeye Lake

Me, mama and Dee

something was obviously hilarious 

Me and the Bug

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  1. wow the colors of the trees are just gorgeous! im glad you got some time away for pitch perfect and pizza!