Monday, October 22, 2012

Packing: a tragic story of a family and all their crap

We have too much stuff.

that is just kitchen stuff, books and movies in the 6 totes you see on the right, not picture are three others on the other side of the dining room table which hold all my wall decor and more kitchen mess.
I realized this while I was attempting to pack up our kitchen Saturday. 

Why didn't I just exchange some of our wedding gifts when I had the chance? What normal family needs 13 mixing bowls in a variety of materials (plastic, glass, metal , ceramic...)? And also, why did we even move half of the crap from Josh's apartment when we moved into our house? Mismatched coffee mugs, chipped glasses and an entire drawer of cutlery from his college place that we don't need? 

Also discovered? Wine glasses I didn't even know I owned. 

So, that being said, I now intend on using this move as a way to clear out some clutter. Donating a bunch of our non-used kitchen items to the migrant program that is part of our school system and moving a few things to lower shelves in the new kitchen so I actually use them

Any advice on making the moving/packing process easier?


  1. I don't think there is a way to ever make it easier. And i always find stuff I didn't realize I had when I move. Glad I have a bit more before I worry about that

  2. I sometimes wonder why I registered for certain things since we never even used them yet.
    I nominated you!

  3. Haha! Moving is really that one activity that’ll make you see certain properties that you have never seen before in your home. Hmm. About your question, packing is really a hard task, and the only thing that can make it easier is if you start the packing process as early as 2 months before the big move. Make a timeline/schedule, and then accomplish one step per day. Categorize and organize your things first, then when you are done, have them stored in separate boxes. Do not forget to label them and have them stored in any safe corner.

    Erik Littles

  4. Well, it’s certainly a nice gesture to donate to people who are in need. But if you feel like some of the stuff you might still use in the future, it would probably be smart to set them aside somewhere. And if you don’t know where to put it, you can just rent a storage property. That way, you can still keep the things you want.