Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Happenings

geez this Monday has been horrendous. Not sure why it has sucked so much more than others but it has indeed. Probably because we had a good weekend and I just didn't want it to end....

We had our homecoming game at ECU versus the Memphis Tigers this weekend and ended up with a lovely 41-7 victory (finally, we haven't been playing super well) here are a few pictures from the game!
me and little sister
dress from Lottie Dottie, necklace was a birthday present from Dee
flipping the cup
Kate and Me after the parade
the girls being lazy..
...until I made them stand up for a mandatory "Pirate Ladies" picture - missing Mrs. Hopey once again...
hubs and me
We will be missing our next home game Oct. 27 because not only does Joshua have an all-day Town Council retreat, but we will hopefully be packing up all our stuff for the move (which will happen that next Wednesday..ahhh). 

My best friend Hope threw a tie-dye themed baby shower for our friend KG, who is having a precious baby girl in December. We played a great "Baby Stuff Price is Right" game where we had to guess the price of baby items and I surprisingly sucked at it haha - I guess I always buy in bulk so I forget what things cost individually or in small quantities!
invitations (with some extra little lines to protect everyone's last names and Mrs. Nell's address of course)
totally stole this from Hope's twitter.. but this is Hopey & KG
all the yummy food (also stolen from Hopey)
I was so sad that all of KG's shower gift wasn't ready yet, but I had a little onesie made that says "Honorary Back of the Bus Member". And of course she needed a tu-tu and some tights to wear with it...

KG, Hope, me and some other friends all played soccer together and referred to ourselves as the "Back of the Bus Crew" since we all sang songs and hung out in the back of the bus to and from games... if only we could play as well as we sang....

Hopefully, I am going to get all the pics from my mama and daddy from the mountains so I can actually share them with you one day next week! 

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  1. I am glad y'all won your homecoming game too.