Thursday, October 25, 2012

Saw It, Pinned It, Did It

I am linking up with Katie @ Keep Calm & Carry On and Steph @ Beautiful Mess for "Saw it, Pinned it, Did it".

I saw an awesome DIY Chevron/Monogram/Frame piece on Pinterest from "The Baeza Blog" and had to have it in our new house for our entry-way wall. And while the purpose of the post was actually to talk about how the blogger made the cool distressed frame, I just used her design idea.

(I actually had to get two different colors of spray paint because I painted my frame too).

1. First you spray paint the frame, Unless you found a frame the exact bright color you wanted.
I chose a bright apple green for mine.

2. Spray paint your paper mache letter. I got the paper mache letter instead of the wooden letter because  they are more lightweight so I didn't think it would be as hard to make it stay on the glass. 

3. Cover the little cardboard piece that you find in your frame in the fabric of your choice. You could probably use scrapbook paper too, I just happened to have this great chevron fabric already that I plan on using for my bedroom throw pillows. 
cut around your cardboard leaving at least an inch or an inch and a half so you can wrap your piece of cardboard
secure fabric with packing tape (or hot glue..)
put wrapped fabric back into frame. 
4. Hot glue your letter to the glass of your frame. Now, you could probably not put the glass back in and just leave the fabric. However, the letter might be a little heavy for the fabric to hold so it may sag, I would definitely suggest leaving the glass pane in. 


So simple. I can't wait to get into the new house and hang it!


  1. That turned out so well!! Love those colors together

  2. Love love love this girly! I may have to make this too. :) Thank you so much for linking up with us!! xoxo

  3. Found your blog on the linkup. I absolutely love it. The colors and fabric you used turned out so cute!

  4. Found this on the link up - SO cute!!!!

  5. very awesome project!! im glad that i don't live within driving distance of hobby lobby the closest is like 25 minutes or else i would be there ALL the time buying craft items for great projects like this

  6. Super cute!! I have actually pinned that same project. Now I'm inspired to actually do it, lol

  7. SO CUTE! I'm going to have to try this project :-)

  8. It looks great!!! I can't wait to see where you put it in the new house.

  9. this looks easy!! i've got try it!

  10. Holy HAY! Even I could do this!! LOVE it SO much!!!

    Thanks for linking up girly!! Let's do it again next week?! Same time. Same place. YES?!

  11. This is too cute! I will have to do this!

  12. LOVE this!!! I've been wanting to do it for a while.but just haven't gotten around to buying a frame and letter. Love the colors you chose too! :)