Friday, October 26, 2012

Roomie Love

My wonderful mama (the Wendy) and I were talking the other day about how close she still is with her college roommates, Denise (who just happens to be Josh's cousin) and Melanie.

My mama with her roommates - "Aunt Neecey" & "Big Mel" in San Fransisco (their big "we're turning 50" trip)

It made me think how blessed I was to have gotten along with my roommates so well, too. Then I realized that I have never posted about my two roommates from college, Lindsey & Lauren (LP).

Freshman Year (05-06)
I was one of those blessed people who went pot-luck with a roommate and didn't end up with a complete freak.  About two months before I was supposed to move down to UNC-Wilmington, I found out who my freshman roommate was going to be, a lovely lady by the name of Lindsey from Orange County, NC. Now, me being super nosy curious and having a tech-savvy daddy I totally went online and googled her... and then my dad went to the tax website in her county and looked up where she lived. When nothing popped up about her being an ax-murderer or being Miss Teen USA or anything I felt pretty good, so we arranged to meet at the mall in Raleigh.

I was so excited when I met Lindsey because she walked up and we were wearing the exact same outfit. I had on a lime green Lacoste polo and jean skirt with Rainbow flip-flips and Lindsey was wearing a black Lacoste polo with a white jean skirt and Rainbow flip-flops. #bestiesatfirstsite 

Lindsey and I had a lot in common without being too much alike. We both had boyfriends back home and we both were tall (her a little more than me) and came from little bitty towns. We survived the lack of cold water that constantly plagued our all girls dorm and the blackout of 2005 (when the dorm lost power for 2 days - a major incident when you have that many girls in a cement building with interior bathrooms with no windows).

on a random camping trip at Carolina Beach where I quickly learned that my car DID NOT have four wheel drive... oops.
When I left and went to ECU, Lindsey and her boyfriend (now husband) Billy even came down to experience a real Halloween in Downtown Greenville.

I hate that her and her hubs live down in Columbia, SC now so I haven't seen her in forever!

Sophomore Year

When I transferred to ECU my sophomore year, I had no idea who I was going to room with. Then, Josh's roommate Ryan's girlfriend Lauren (who we call LP) told me her little sister Erica would be moving to town so I could live with her and part-time with LP since she would be moving in with Ryan in Raleigh but would have to come to town for her Graduate Assistant duties a few times a week. 
Wellllll, LP's sister ended up leaving Greenville and then Ryan & LP took a little break, so LP moved in with me full time along with her dog Chloe, who was besties with me & Josh's dog Mac Daddy.

We made nightly runs to Panera and/or Moe's, watched marathons of The Hills and took turns picking up the toys that Mac & Chloe tore apart. We fought over the thermostat (and by fought, I mean LP would sneak out of her room and turn our freezing apartment like I like it into an inferno), but other than that we were a great match, which is a good thing since Ryan is one of Josh's best friends and that would have been super awkward if we'd hated one another. 

What about you, have you had any great or horrible roommates?


  1. Well let's see... there was this one roommate who refused to wash his dishes! He could be a pain sometimes.

  2. New to your blog! I didn't go to college, so no roommates.

  3. I had great roomies. I still keep in touch with most of them. But nothing bad happened while we were roomies just drifted apart in the real world.