Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I am not a champion mover. I've only had to really move one time (unless you count moving to the dorms then moving to/from apartments three times). That being said, I am not claiming to be an expert on moving issues, but here are a few suggestions that I learned while moving recently.

1. Label your boxes on the top and the side.
When your boxes are all stacked up in the moving truck or car, you won't be able to see the tops, so for easy organizing and unpacking, label the sides too.

2. Use plastic storage totes instead of boxes if you can.
We were blessed that the finance director at work had recently moved using big plastic totes and bins, so we just used hers. They were awesome - durable, stackable, and didn't need tape.

3. All those hanging clothes? Just throw them in the backseat of your car.
Seriously, I just wrapped them in a garbage bag, pulled the hangers through and hung them across my backseat. So much easier than taking each one off the rack and packing. 

4. Leave your clothes in your drawers.
Yes, it may be a little more leg work when you get there, but just take your drawers out, pack the dresser in the truck, put the drawers back in and either wrap the dresser closed with that moving plastic or just put a blanket around it and something else close to it. Then when you get to your new house, you can just take the drawers out, move in the dresser and replace the drawers. 

5. Don't pack up your sheets and blankets. 
You may need them for the move to protect your dressers, tables and such.

6. Try to pack a little at a time.
Do not try to make a marathon of it. If you decide okay, today I will get all the fine china and kitchen stuff packed then tomorrow I will do the bedrooms, life will be a lot less hectic.

I promise to post some pics of our house now that we're all moved in and almost done decorating!


  1. I have moved 7 times since 2008, and let me tell you, I wish I had read this before any one of those times! I definitely think you learn a lot from experience with moving! And another hard part is adding furniture since the last move. I'm dreading my next with a washer and dryer and a full house! Ah!
    Great tips!!! :)

  2. Last time we moved I used bins, and it was seriously the best $ spent! Lucky girl getting to use your friends!

    To move my hanging clothes we laid out a heavy comforter, put all the clothes laid in the middle and folded the sides over - then each of us grabbed an end and popped them into the back of my SUV. Easy! Only, I'm pretty sure it looked like a dead body! Ha!