Tuesday, December 3, 2013

sad high school heart

As I am sure you've heard, Paul Walker died Saturday in a fiery car crash along with the driver of the car, Roger Rodas.
While I (obviously) wasn't lucky enough to know this beautiful actor personally, I grew up on his movies. Movies that he starred in were part of big moments in my life, no matter how silly as that sounds.

I remember watching "She's All That" with all my girl friends at a huge sleepover party in 7th grade.

Joy Ride was the first "scary movie" I saw in theaters with my friends....

The Fast & The Furious was the movie I went and saw with all the girls at my new high school as a "get to know them" kind of lunch and dinner date...

And "2 Fast 2 Furious" was the movie I watched with my two best friends when I transferred back to public school for my junior and senior year. We even signed funny notes with "I love you more than Paul Walker covered in cool whip & jello" (yes, we were strange).

His movies, no matter how bad some of them may have been, were part of big moments in my life, and therefore he was too. So, I am sad that he will not make another movie, and even sadder for his family and friends.


  1. I'm still in shock and completely brokenhearted too. We grew up with him! :( He just seemed like such a genuine guy, I think we all had the feeling like he was attainable so we crushed hard on him :) Good memories though and I just hope his family finds comfort in how loved he was by his fans!