Wednesday, December 11, 2013

violent shepherd

You may have seen this picture I posted of Sawyer practicing for the Christmas program at church on Sunday on my instagram:

Yes, my crazy child is starring in the Christmas program at church. This is the same child who yelled "mommy pooted" at a Hobby Lobby so who knows what he will yell on stage in front of our entire church family.

He had his first practice this past Sunday and was a little unsure at first about how he felt his costume...

But then when I reminded him that he gets to sing as loud as he wants (which he loves to do) and hold a special shepherd's staff (aka a stick, his weapon of choice) he got pumped.

In the midst of the 30 minute rehearsal, Sawyer managed to do the following things:

  • inform one of the other children that she was "singing all the words not right"
  • hit himself with the shepherd's staff
  • hit me with the shepherd's staff
  • tell the children's worship teacher she was "singing all the words not right"
  • scream when I tried to take off his outfit when practice was over
I promise to get video of this performance on 12/22, I am sure it will be quite the event. 


  1. Oh my goodness Sawyer is so cute in his costume. He is one unhappy Shepard in that first picture. I always love Sawyer updates, cant wait to hear about all the play!!

  2. Hahaha that is amazing. This makes me so excited to have kids.