Monday, October 28, 2013

a baby shower for my future niece!

Josh and I are getting a sweet little niece and Sawyer is getting his first, first cousin!

Josh's little brother Jordan and his fiancée Shannon are expecting a precious baby girl towards the end of November and I was so excited to help throw a shower for them, along with Josh's aunts on Sunday.

Shannon & Jordan
photos by Michelle Messer Photography (view more of her work 
Sadly, I didn't get anywhere near enough picture since it was a busy, busy day between church, homecoming lunch and the shower. But here are just a few!

Those are pumpkin spice latte cupcakes my friends, and they were amazing.

Since the headband making station was such a success at Hope's baby shower (here) we decided to do it again for Shannon and also added some fun iron-on appliques and dresses for the guests to choose from.

And of course, a baby shower isn't a baby shower without a diaper wreath (tutorial here)...

Forgive the fact that the wreath is sitting on a chair, I never got around to taking a picture of it actually hanging on the door.

Sawyer really liked the wreath and it took me a long time to convince him that he didn't need it hanging in his bedroom.

We are so excited to add TWO new members (both Shannon & baby Karlie) to the family and can hardly wait for Karlie's arrival.


  1. You need to come help me when I'm preggo because I am a craft fail. This is awesome!

  2. Love all the burlap! Also, I normally despise diaper anything because they always come out looking like the Michelin man stuffed in a tire but that wreath looks amazing!!!

  3. Such cute food & decor, love it all! :) I love the idea of the headband making station!!