Wednesday, October 16, 2013

the eyebrows of Big Tips Texas

When I think of Texas, I think of supper awesome people like Sarah @ Venus Trapped in Mars, Stephanie @ Beautiful Mess, Jessica @ You Are My Color or Helene @ Helene in Between. But a new show on MTV called Big Tips Texas has introduced me to some new... characters from Texas along with the largest, most ridiculous eyebrows in existence. 

Take this gem for example. This is Claire, a veteran bar tender at Redneck Heaven. She has fishing bait attached to her bathing suit and her eyebrows are scary.

and then there's Kristyn and her eyebrows, seen here toasting her weave.

I mean those jokers rival ole Amanda Bynes at her best..
Kristyn also enjoys painting Tom's as a side business (they're actually pretty nice) and wearing condoms as an outfit.

When I tweeted about the eyebrows, one of the shows "stars" actually favorited said tweet.... yay?

There is also the bar manager (who happens to be the owner's girlfriend) who spells her name T-Y-P-H-A-N-I. I can't.

So I did some investigating on this establishment called "Redneck Heaven" (because that's what former reporter's do) and discovered that the restaurant/bar has had the city council intervene TWICE because of the waitresses lack of clothing. Once because of them choosing body paint as an acceptable form of shirt (read article here)...
and another because they had an "anything but clothes" day (read here)

But I will probably continue to watch this show because it is seriously hilarious and those girls look like a good/drama-filled time waiting to happen.

Are you watching Big Tips Texas? Any of my Texas folks ever been there?


  1. OMG ... We haven't had cable for over a year... this may be a reason for us to add MTV back!!! LOL

  2. Those eyebrows are out of control!! But truly, is this show serious? Must find it now :) It seems like a bar that promotes fraternity parties but without the college education!

  3. I started watching the show too and couldn't believe the eyebrows!!! How int he heck do they think they looks good? I'll continue to watch too though :)