Thursday, October 3, 2013

how to get the most out of college.

I messed up my freshman year… big time. Not only did I get terrible grades in a semester when I took the easiest classes (thanks to lots of absences, oops), but I also didn’t even try to get involved at my school. Granted, I still believe UNC-Wilmington wasn’t for me, even if my little sister loves it, but I could have put in a little more effort to enjoy it. But I thoroughly enjoyed the years I had at ECU and believe that you get out of college what you put into it. So, here’s my advice on how to get the most out of your college years.

DO Hangout with people other than people you knew from high school or your home town. Don’t listen to my boo, Drizzy Drake – new friends are cool. Meet people in your major area or go out on a limb and sit with someone you don’t know in class or in the cafeteria. The friends I made in college were people I met in class or orientation and took the time to get to know!

college fraaands camping on Caroline Beach... and discovering sand fleas.

DO Join some clubs or organizations! This doesn’t mean you have to pledge a sorority or dedicate 20 hours of your week to a volunteer organization, it just means get out there and meet people. Those clubs and groups also look great on your resume! I did not follow this advice and kick myself every day.

DON’T skip a ton of class. A little hooky day here and there won’t hurt anyone but those absences add up and you don’t want to be like me and have a 100 average in a class but miss 4 days so automatically fail (yes, that legit happened). Which leads me to….

DO pay attention to the syllabus. Those things are important. Make those test and due dates down in your agenda, make sure you keep a tally of how many days you miss and how many you are allowed, those things are your best friend (unless your teacher is a jerk face and doesn't follow it). Also with this point let me add, use your agenda!

DO make your teacher or TA your friend. Let them know you, that way if you do ever need an extension or if you find yourself just a few points shy of the grade you want they’ll maybe give you extra credit. When it comes to professors, you don’t want to be anonymous. You may need them again one day for a reference letter or recommendation.

DON’T take things too seriously. I know that you need an amazing GPA and grade to get into grad school or med school or whatever, but let yourself enjoy those college years too. You don’t get to have that kind of care-free living once you get to the real world.

do something dumb like dress up like Strawberry Shortcake for Halloween and pretend like the outfit isn't WAY too short.
DON’T take that free gym membership for granted. You won’t ever have as much time and energy to work out as you do right now. The freshman fifteen is no joke and can easily turn into the freshman fifty….

DO support your team! I don’t care if you don’t have a football team or if your basketball team sucks go to those games when you can and wear your school colors be proud to be a “insert mascot name here”.

supporting our Pirates in the freezing cold rain!
Any other tips on how to survive your college years?

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  1. I had terrible grades my freshman year. I had trouble learning to study again after breezing through high school.