Monday, October 14, 2013

to the pumpkin patch we go

We had an exceptionally busy Saturday that involved both a visit to the pumpkin farm and a beautiful wedding!

We have been planning on taking Sawyer to a pumpkin farm this fall, but with football and other fall happenings we've had a hard time picking a weekend to fit it in! Luckily, this Saturday morning was the perfect time to go (despite some misty rain).

Sawyer was excited to say the least. He sang this the whole way to Hillridge Farms:

We started our morning by playing in corn and hay. Sawyer was OBSESSED with the corn house. He buried himself (and Josh) in the kernels, jumped around and ending up with a ton of corn in his pockets, pants, underwear and hair.

 Then we headed to the hay house were he proceeded to stuff hay in his pants and attempt to leap from a hay bale only to get scared and reach for Josh mid-jump.

action jump... then terrified (I love Josh's facial expression when he catches him)

The pig and goat races came after that. Sawyer adores any kind of animal so he was pumped about watching (but angry about not getting to touch them).

Apparently Saturday was THE day to visit the farm. We ran into Sawyer's babysitter (also our best friend Chris' mom) and her daughter & granddaughter (who is Sawyer's best friend).

Sawyer & Rorie in front "ye olde kitchen"
 Then Josh & Sawyer waited in line to slide down the big slide. If you ever plan on going to Hill Ridge Farms in Youngsville, make sure you go to the slide first, the line gets pretty long!

Then of course we took a hay ride and picked out a pumpkin to carry home!

Side note: trying to get a picture with Sawyer where we both look nice is next to impossible. 

picking out pumpkins!

When Sawyer finally found his pumpkin he proclaimed "I found the PERFECT pumpkin Mommy!"

We then (of course) got some ice cream, kettle corn & apple cider for the hour-long ride home! Come back tomorrow with details about the beautiful wedding we attended Saturday night at my friend Kat did completely on her own (with help from her family & friends of course), picture LOTS of cotton, burlap & magic). 


  1. this looks sooooo fun! I haven't been to a pumpkin patch in years! and kettle corn is my faveorite!

  2. His accent is soo stinkin' adorable!! Glad y'all had a good time!

  3. I can't believe how big he is getting.