Tuesday, October 22, 2013

too sweaty for fashion.

I am too hot for fashion. Not hot in the sense of "hey girllll" but hot like "holy crap, why is the heat on, it's only 62 degrees outside" hot. 

Maybe hot-natured is a better word here?

On that note, I love this whole layered thing that is so fashionable now, but I cannot even come close to competing with some of these chic looks because if I did, I would have another accessory these girls don't... a sweat mustache. 

Maybe if I lived somewhere super cold I could rock them? But probably not since I would not be outside all the time and wouldn't want to ruin my layered look every time I walked indoors.

For example:

hey girl you got on like three layers, you know you sweatin'.
This chic has on a very cute outfit, but it includes a hoodie, a button up shirt and a down vest. I can't imagine the suffocating heat this is causing.

Or this precious faceless girl's outfit, while I think she has on a skirt so her legs will be nice and cool, she also has on two button-up shirts. TWO. Why?
Or this headless hottie. She has on a jacket, button up and sweater AND all three sleeves are rolled up. You know she can't move her forearms and she must be stifling. 
Ladies aren't the only one stacking the layers. Do you see the gentleman below? A button up, sweater vest, tweed jacket AND a quilted jacket. That's four layers friends, well five really if you count the layer of sweat that is encased under all those clothes probably.

If you make these layers work for you, I am super jealous. I wish I could style a chambray button-up under a polka dotted sweater followed by a quilted vest with my monogram, but alas my body disagrees. So, I'll just hang out over here in Eastern NC, wearing a tank top under a lightweight cardigan and no socks with my boots...


  1. Bahahahaha I think the double button down girl's is reversible but I'm still dying

  2. Hahaha this is exactly what I think as I scroll through Pinterest & read fashion blogs. I'm super hot-natured, which is unfortunate. I LOVE (and own 1 million) scarves, but hardly ever wear them because I roast alive.

  3. hahahaha, I know exactly how you feel. A shirt and blazer is all the layer I can do. lol. Adore this post, love. If you get a free moment, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. :) xo