Friday, July 29, 2011

DIY Friday: Diaper Wreath

Sorry I left you guys hanging last week with DIY Friday! Sawyer had me so busy I couldn't get it done in time.

Let me first apologize to Michelle because I hate you're going to see your diaper wreath before the actual shower, but I figured you wouldn't mind that much.

As you all know, we are throwing a baby shower for Josh's cousin Michelle and her hubby Eric which will be Pirate/tailgate themed. So of course, all our decor needs to be purple & gold or Pirate oriented. Wellllll, I have been searching the internet for a pirate-themed diaper wreath and I couldn't find one I really liked or one that was less than $30. Therefore, I decided to make one.


Stuff you'll need:
Wreath form 
Hot glue gun
Baby things
Diapers (duh)
Coordinating decorations (like little wooden figures and such)

What you do:
1. Unroll your diaper. Not ALL the day, just halfway so that the little wings are still tucked inside. Put your wreath form between the front and back of the diaper (kind of in the crotch).

2. Pull the ends together so the diaper is wrapped around your wreath form then put a rubberband around around it, next to the wreath form so there are pieces of the diaper sticking out at the ends (sorry that's a horrible explanation - just see the picture)

3. Continue wrapping the diapers around the form, overlapping a little on the sides to hide the form

4. Wrap ribbon around the rubberbands and tie cute bows.

5. Wrap some thicker ribbon around the wreath, outside to inside. And secure with hot glue so it will stick.

6. Glue fun things like baby items (i.e. socks and shoes or toys) or decorative items (like a pirate ship or flag) around the diaper wreath. Try to just glue these things onto the thicker ribbon you just wrapped, that way the diapers will still be able to be used (instead of having to throw them away because they've been ripped all to pieces trying to get the items un-stuck). I also hung a wooden letter from the top part of my wreath so it would dangle in the middle hole (...that's what she said)

7. Put big bow on top. "But Lauren, I don't know how to make a big bow and I don't want to buy one" you may say. No worries, because this is a *surprise* two-part DIY!! (Try to contain your excitement).

How to make a bow:
  1. Cut piece of ribbon about four feet long - depending on how big you want it (....that's what she said)
  2. Go to the middle of the bow and twist it, this will be your center of your bow so make it a good sized little square.

  3. Make loops with the tail of your ribbon, alternating sides and twisting each time you make a new loop then securing with your fingers.
  4. When done making loops, secure bow with ribbon or wire by threading through the middle loop and around the twists you made.
8. Secure bow to wreath!

And you're done!

Not pictured? Me burning my fingerprints off with the stupid hot glue gun.


  1. I will save my comments for when I see it in person :)

  2. haha cute! i am going to save this. my SIL wants to have a baby soon and it's perfect for a shower :)

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