Monday, August 1, 2011


random posts today.

1) I dyed a strip of my sister's hair purple this weekend. You already know this is you follow me on Twitter
I am incredibly jealous of the purple-ness. Now I can't do this kind of thing since I have a big-girl job and all, but in college I would have been SO there. Also, isn't my sister gorgeous?

2) I added a bookshelf to the bottom of my blog featuring books I've read. I like it. A lot.

3) I have been working on Hopey's bachelorette veil and I am pretty pumped about it. It is accented with purple, Jolly Rogers and little footballs. Needless to say, it's awesome.
taking it for a test drive
4) My brother-in-law made some pretty awesome cornhole boards for himself this weekend. I am impressed.

5) I am really excited about all the cool decorations I want to make when Fall rolls around. Thanks Pinterest for making me want to buy out Michaels and A.C. Moore craft stores...

6) I am going to be doing some mad, crazy cleaning and organizing this weekend to prepare our house for Michelle and Eric's baby shower next weekend. My cabinets are getting reorganized, Sawyer's closet is getting purged of his outgrown clothes and everything is getting scrubbed within an inch of its life.
I plan on using this tension rod method to organize my casserole dishes in my cabinets


  1. Love that you added the bookshelf to the bottom of your blog! I definitely need to get some good ideas! AND totally repinned those "Boo" jars! Super cute! Yay for purging and know that's what I'll be doing this week too!!