Friday, August 12, 2011

DIY Friday: Spice it UP!

Happy Friday folks! It's time for DIY Friday again here at "On a lighter note..." so prepare yourself for some crafty awesome-ness.

It is an extreme understatement to say that my spice wheel was taking over my kitchen island (and my cabinets). 

So when I saw this pin on Pinterest, I decided I could soooo do that for my spices in my kitchen.

Here's what you need:
little jars that have VERY secure lids (baby food jars are great)
labels (I just made some pretty ones and printed them out on sticker paper)

Here's what you need to DO:

1. If you are using baby food jars, clean out the nasty baby food. Now, Sawyer still isn't eating baby food yet so I went and bought these jars from Target for $0.65 a piece. Surprisingly baby food JARS were hard to find since they make a lot of baby food in the little disposable packs now. 

2. Apply labels to jar lids. Now, you probably have some sticky stuff on the outside of your jars so just stick your labels over top of the sticky stuff to hide it. 

3. Apply Velcro to lids. The "Pinned" version of this tells you to put metal under your cabinets then use magnets to put the jars up under there, but I found little Velcro circles at Michael's for like $2 per strip of 10, so I used Velcro (much easier).

4. Put spices in jars.

5. Okay, here is the kinda tricky part. Stick the two Velcro pieces together so that the adhesive side is up (duh) and arrange the jar under your cabinet where you want it then push really, really hard and hold it there for a second (it is a lot easier than sticking the Velcro underneath then Velcro-ing your jar to the piece). For spacing - you don't want a loonnnng line of spices under your cabinets, but at the same time you don't want spices behind one another so you have to bend all down to see them. So I staggered the jars.

6. Stand back and admire your craftiness!
[pretend my countertops aren't junky]
So exciting! Next week will full of back-to-school craftiness that I had to do for convocation so you teachers, make sure you come on by!


  1. Love this!! I'll definitely be stealing this idea. I have the same problem, and the perfect place for them. :)

  2. This is such a great idea! I love it!

  3. omG that looks awesome!! Thats such a great idea! And your kitchen looks nice and neat now :)

    Lots of Love,

  4. What a good idea. Mine are getting out of control too.