Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two-fer: WILW/Oh, How Pinteresting

I am doing not one, but two link-ups today: What I'm Loving Wednesday AND Oh, How Pinteresting (because I love them both equally). 

First up, "WILW" with Jamie @ This Kind of Love

I am loving that I am taking off a little early Friday to be a good Matron of Honor and visit Michael's and a few other places with my bestie Hope to get her centerpieces together for her Sept. 17 wedding!
Hope & Me before Dana's bachelorette in '09
I am loving that this weekend is the Pirate Baby Shower I keep talking about for Josh's cousin Michelle & her hubs Eric.
Michelle at her first baby shower. Best face ever.
I am loving this amazing "Kelsi" dress from Lilly Pulitzer's fall line. And $148 isn't really that bad of a price.

I am loving the super cool DIY project I can't wait to share with you on Friday. Here is a sneak peak:
and no, I will not be making home-made baby food or anything.
Now, on to "Oh, How Pinteresting" with Michelle @ The Vintage Apple

I wish I had the time and money to throw a ton of fun parties, because I have been doing some SERIOUS pinning of some fun recipes, themes and printables for tons of different kinds of parties. Now just to quit my job, rob a bank and buy a bigger house to throw all these parties in....

Yummy Shrimp & Dip
Football party ideas

March Madness Party Ideas

Party Planning Printable (say that 3x fast)
JELLO made in an ORANGE! How cool is that?!
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  1. how awesome is the jello in the oranges?!
    i'm thinking jello shots! HA!

  2. adore that march madness photos! sooo great! xo

  3. I love the football party treats!!!

  4. I love those themed party ideas! I love hosting parties! but unfortunately my 1 bedroom apartment kind of limits the amounts of parties i throw in my house :( I love your robbing a bank idea. heheh

    Such a cute blog! New follower <3

    Lots of Love,

  5. what do i comment on first!
    i cant wait to see the centerpieces!
    that dress is soooooooo cute!
    i love it!
    that football party themed picture is my kinda thing!
    i wish i could throw them more too

  6. Stopping by from WILW. I love the football party treats. I seriously cannot wait for some college football. Happy Wednesday.
    By the way, I'm your newest follower. :)

  7. Stopping by from WILW and had to tell you that I LOVE all your pintrest party planning things... I'm with you on the quitting work to be a full time party thrower.. now how to get the husband on board!

  8. Oh great list and those party Pins are awesome!

  9. Cute pics and fun pins! Have fun this weekend, sounds like you've got a packed few days :)

  10. Love your loves! I've been pinning so many recipes, it's ridiculous!

  11. I officially have the best MOH ever. :)

  12. That shrimp and dip looks so good!!

  13. those jello oranges look sooo cool! I want to make those!

    Trish @ Tales from...

  14. Love those rice crispy footballs! I'll have to remember/pin those!