Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the rockets red glare - NO bombs bursting in air?

This was supposed to be a lovely post about my baby boy's reaction to his first fireworks display and how we enjoyed a lovely evening watching his expression as he took in the bright lights and loud noises (or possibly how we spent the night consoling him because he was terrified of the fireworks). Instead - this will be a post where I bash my little town for denying Sawyer Lang his first July 4th experience.

Sawyer had a precious, precious little outfit (in red, white & blue of course) and was all ready to celebrate. My family and I gathered in our backyard - where you can see our town's fireworks marvelously - at 8:45PM and the camera was all set up to take a great pic of Sawbug's reaction to the display. Come 9:15PM, we were STILL waiting for some firework action. Finally at 9:30, mr. fussypants was tired of waiting and wanted to go to bed so we took him inside and assumed that the fireworks has been postponed until Tuesday night because of the thunderstorm.
notice how red those little eyes are - so sleepy!

sissy & JohnJohn waiting for the fireworks

.... we were wrong.

At 10:30 PM when Sawyer was all snug and asleep and husband, Sookie & I were all halfway asleep in the bed, we heard them. The daunting sound of disappointment in the form of firework booms.

My child had officially missed his first July 4th fireworks experience.
fireworks - why u no happen?
Why couldn't they have just postponed them until tonight instead of waiting so late to fire them? Not happy with my town, not happy at all.


  1. 10:30!?!? That is crazy late for a firework display!

  2. That IS super late for fireworks! Sorry your little guy missed them - he is so adorable!

  3. Why start them to late? I hate Sawyer missed his first ones

  4. ugh that is no fun! hate that for you guys!