Thursday, July 7, 2011

Joshua Edmondson: ANTI-Blogger

I feel like the blogging world is an entirely different universe. when I try to explain "following" and "link ups" and such to people who don't read and/or write blogs I feel like they think it is so much less cool than it actually is.
the biggest doubter? my husband. he supports my decision to blog, yet he doesn't read it or understand it (no, he isn't being mean he just doesn't read period and to be quite honest I am glad since I confess a little too much about my spending up here).

here's an average conversation between Joshua and myself (imagine Joshua played by John Krasinski & I'll be Jessica Biel)
Me: "Oh hey, there's a picture holder thingie like the one Ashley talked about making.
John Josh: "Huh? Who's Ashley?"
Me: "Ashley from According to Ashley - she's a blogger"
Josh: eyeroll "So some random girl said something about this on the internet?... and?"
Me: eyeroll back "She's not 'some random girl' - she is a blogger I follow and like AND she's from NC"
Josh: sigh and eyeroll again

See what I'm workin' with here?

Then this past weekend when Miss PinkLouLou (who is a blogging celebrity in my mind) was at Emerald Isle, NC (in other words "our beach) I said "OMG, PinkLouLou is at our beach!"
You should have SEEN the face he gave me.
After explaining what a "PinkLouLou" was, Josh (once again with an eyeroll) said "So?"
Umm HI someone who I follow AND love to read that isn't even from NC is vising OUR beach - it's a big deal (to me at least).

He's not the only one though. It's so hard to explain the relationship shared between bloggers who follow/comment on each other's posts loyally to a person who doesn't read blogs.

When I say "I just got a NEW follower!" I've been told it sounds like I've added a new member to my cult.

And that's another thing, I know lots of people from home read my blog and like it because they comment on it via Facebook or in person - but they don't "follow" it.

If I try to take pictures in public or if I take pictures at home of random things Josh always says "is that for your blog?" (accompanied by an eyeroll usually) and when I respond with a "yes" he poses the question "why would anyone care that you found a new nail polish you like?"

Ummm... because?

It's useless. I love him, but it's a waste of breath to TRY to explain this world to him or to some people who don't read/write blogs.



  1. 1. I love my cousin but geeze he can be a little annoying about things sometimes ;)
    2. I have the same problem as you people read my blog a lot but I don't have followers. Only 4 :(
    3. Thanks to you I'm such a PinkLouLou fan... and I thought it was so cool that she was at "our beach"
    4. Love you and your blog :)

  2. Love it! My hubsters has pretty much gotten used to the fact that the camera stays in my purse at all times!

  3. Hahaha! Love my little shout out, first of all. hubs was like that for about a day, until he realized how totally awesome my blog was. Now he reads it all the time and reminds me when I haven't written in a while. Oh, and he doesn't mind my picture taking TOO much, unless he has to be in the picture. Keep working on that man of yours! He'll come around!

  4. oh girl, trust me I know exactly what you mean..T does the same thing..even though he HAS a blog! lameee

  5. My hubs is more into my blog than I am sometimes. He'll be like "omg did you see how many comments you got?!" Haha

  6. To funny! I get that from the bestie who doesn't blog on occasion but I know she likes it. She reads it but never comments.
    I love the friends I have met through blogging and I hope one day to meet a few.