Friday, March 4, 2011

thundercats are gooooo

So, like most things in my crazy life, Sawyer's delivery was quite the eventful adventure. You may want to get comfortable - this post could get lengthy.

Wednesday, February 9th started like any other day. I went to work for half a day then came home and proceeded to take a much-needed nap.

Just as me and Sookie were settled for our sleep and snuggle time, my doctor's office called to inform me that the 24 hour urinalysis I did Sunday did NOT look good and I was leaking a ridiculous amount of protein in my urine. Therefore, I needed to come in and be hooked to a fetal monitor and I should prbly bring my hospital bag with me.

And so the adventure began...
3:30pm - Call Josh and tell him to hurry home from work, sending him into a complete panic.
4:00pm - Open door to carport to start moving bags to car
4:02pm - Scream as Sookie comes catapulting out the door
4:04pm - Waddle swiftly after the 100 lb chocolate beast as she runs amuck
4:06pm - Watch helplessly as beast continues to taunt me from neighbor's yard across the street
4:10pm - Neighbor sees me (and my tear streaked face) and helps lure the Sookie monster into her car so we could drive her to the fence.
4:15pm - Josh gets home (in record time), we pile our bags and ourselves into my car and head to Greenville
4:45-5:45pm - Get hooked up to fetal monitor, pee in a cup and get examined by Dr. Haskins (my 3rd favorite dr at the office) and learn that I am only 1 cm dilated and my contractions are around 10 minutes apart but that I need to go to the hospital because my BP is 158/98 and I'm still spilling protein - therefore I am preeclamtic and baby needs to come on out
6pm - Call and alert parents of situation
6:05pm - Go enjoy dinner at Hibachi Express before going to hospital since I'll be put on a Magnesium drip to prevent seizures and won't be able to eat for 36 hours
6:45pm - Report to Pitt County Memorial Hospital, put on hideous robe, get hooked up to several monitors, an IV and a cervical catheter to help me dilate further.
From 7pm that night until 2am Thursday morning I just lay in a hospital bed, have my BP taken every 2 hours watch the Carolina/Duke basketball game (hard to do in a hospital where you can't yell/throw things at the television) and feel contractions

Thursday morning
2:15am - Cervical catheter comes out because I'm dilated to 3 cm so they give me Pitocin to get the process going even quicker
4am - Dr comes in and breaks my water
6am - Beg for nurses to bring me some Mucinex and a humidifier so I can breathe (dry hospital air + allergies = nose bleeds and stuffiness), I am then informed that a side effect of the Magnesium is feeling like you have the flu. Lovely.
8am - Get epidural
9am - 11am - Finally get some sleep
12pm - 1:30pm - Realize I can really feel the contractions, but it's mainly just pressure so I tell the nurse I'm not really in PAIN just feeling painful pressure so they don't do anything about it
1:45pm - Contractions get ridiculously horrible and closer together, and I realize that while the epidural has made my legs dead and lifeless, I can pretty much plan on feeling every bit of labor pain
1:55pm - Sawyer's head hits home and I try with all my might to hold him in until Dr. Haskins can get to my room, which takes what feels like 8 years
1:58pm - Dr arrives and tells a very surprised Joshua to grab one of my legs for the whole delivery process (he had planned on playing a much less active role)
2pm - Start pushing and definitely feel baby making his way into the world
2:14pm - Meet my precious son, Sawyer Lang Edmondson

The rest of the day Thursday is a complete blur of baby getting bathed and meeting some very excited grandparents/great-grandparents, sending a million picture messages to friends and family, getting unhooked from everything except the Magnesium drip and eating jello (since I still couldn't eat real food).
Friday 3:30am - Finally finish bag of Magnesium, am allowed to get out of bed and take best shower I've ever taken in my entire life
4:00am - Moved to new room and eat a Snicker's bar, the first real food I've had since 6pm on Wednesday!

The rest of our hospital stay was uneventful, we were discharged early Saturday afternoon since I was such a risk with my stupid BP and protein leak-age.

Stay tuned for the story of our trip BACK to the hospital for four days with a very yellow baby.


  1. You're son is precious!! Congratulations! So funny about your husband - my husband had the same plans and ended up being right there in on the action! Madi had jaundice too. Hope Sawyer's wasn't too bad!

  2. Ohmyword! How exciting! He looks adorable! Congrats!

  3. He is adorable! Sorry it was such a crazy birth. And very glad you are both okay