Monday, March 21, 2011

When Sookie met Sawyer..

I promise not to turn my blog into a "mommy" blog where I only write about my big guy, but since I have pretty much nothing going on in my life right now besides taking care of baby (and trying to lose baby weight), it is more or less all I have to talk about until I can re-join the real world when I go back to work April 4th.

So on that note, here is how our fur-baby Sookie is handling the new addition.

When we brought Sawyer home, Sookie was still at the kennel and didn't return until the Wednesday we came home from the hospital (the second time). We had prepared her for meeting her "brother" by letting her sniff the carrier, inspect the nursery (sans baby) and smell a blanket that Sawyer had been wrapped in - but she still went crazy smelling baby (held at a safe distance) when we brought her in the house.

At first, she was TERRIFIED. Our giant chocolate lab ran any time our little 7 lb. 13 oz. baby moved and would completely lose her mind, hiding under the table when he cried too loudly.

Then, she got annoyed. If he cried during the night Sookie rolled her eyes and jumped off our bed to move to her own bed. If Sawyer was crying before we made it to the bedroom, Sookie had to be coerced off the couch to even go to bed in the first place.

She also got a little jealous. She never bit at Sawyer or growled, just made sure that if one of us was holding him, she was present too. If I was in the rocking chair with baby, Sookie was at my feet. If Josh was holding him on the couch, Sookie's head was resting Josh's lap.
Sookie also regressed to her puppy days, grabbing things off the kitchen counter and running with them, chewing shoes and swallowing anything she could get her mouth on - such as baby socks, underwear, Croakies from my sunglasses and an entire camisole.

Finally, she decided the noisy little monster wasn't so bad and started treating Sawyer like her own baby. If Sawyer cries, she runs to wherever he is to make sure he is okay and if we don't get there fast enough, she will stick her head of the nursery and give us an accusatory look that says "hey, ya'll going to come do something about this situation?!"

Now, they're besties. I think that Sawyer will be bothering her and Sookie will be tolerating him for years to come.