Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby Olympics

There should be a Baby Olympics because certain tasks required for taking care of an infant are harder than any sport I have played.

There could be challenges such as...
Change the diaper of a squirming baby who refuses to straighten his/her legs

Change a baby boy's diaper without getting pee on yourself, your child, or your surroundings

Make an outfit last an entire day  more than two hours.
this is an actual outfit destroyed by Mr. Sawyer - yes that is poop.
Calm a colicky baby. Bonus points if you can do so without Mylacon drops or crying yourself.

Find a pacifier in a giant diaper bag full of baby supplies.
Breastfeed a crying baby in the backseat of a car.

Maneuver a stroller topped with a carseat through racks of clothing with a diaper bag on your shoulder and three dresses slug over your arm.

Grand Prize?
8 hours of uninterrupted sleep!


  1. hahahaha.. we just craacked up at that... and of course looking forward to those things ;) ... but, coming from a mommy to be... is that the stroller you have?? and if so, what kind is it??

  2. to funny! You will be a wiz before you know it

  3. Laura - yes, that is our stroller/carseat combo it's a Graco Flip It Travel System in the Pagoda print (we wanted something gender neutral in case we have another baby that isn't a boy). I adore it because I can push Sawyer in the carseat atop the stroller OR in the actual stroller seat and I can flip the handle for him to either face me or face out. The stroller folds up so easily and is super lightweight. We got ours from Target for like $200.

  4. HILARIOUS! PS - Can you do a "baby stuff I couldn't live without" post at some point? (You know, in all your free time....Hehehehe).