Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bachelorette Weekend Part II - Irene aint got nothin' on us.

So, as the Bride and her ladies were having a blast in Charlotte, our little hometown was getting completely BASHED by Hurricane Irene. The whole time we shopped in the sunshine with clear skies we kept getting calls from our mama's and friends about how bad the weather was at home. It was insane. One of us would yell out "My grandma has water coming out of her ceiling fan light fixture!" (that was me) and another would scream "Eric said that most of Greenville is flooded!" 

But us, on the other hand? Happily spending some $$$ at both Northlake and Southpark Malls in Charlotte. We shopped all day Saturday, following a delicious trip to Brueger's Bagel for breakfast and some crazy traffic then returned to the room for some pre-gaming, primping and watching "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" (that's a whole other blog post to come soon).

the Beautiful Bride-to-Be curling her hair
Dana, Rachel & Kat
taking a pic of the veil to send to fellow Pirate fans

in order to get that shot above with me in it I had to j-rig the above  tower to put the camera on and set the timer... ghetto.
Once we were all ready we walked to Mez (best part of the Omni? Literally a 30 second walk from the EpiCenter) for dinner. OMG. It was delish!

we set up on that upper level in front of the artwork
We each got something different and sampled each other's plates... well except nobody got any of mine because I may have inhaled it. I highly recommend the braised short rib pappardelle. We were one of four bachelorette party groups... but ours was definitely the coolest.

our awesome waiter gave Hopey a candle in her desert 

can we pause a moment and comment on how awesome Hope's cleavage is in this picture?
We made a quick stop at the hotel to refresh and put away the leftovers (which only a few of us had) before returning to the EpiCenter to visit some clubs/bars and ran into a bachelor party.
But the Bachelor was no fun and was obviously terrified of his soon-to-be wife because he rolled his eyes when I was trying to take this picture. Wuss.
Tomorrow I will tell you about our adventures with pianos and Cee-Lo Green's lookalike in a red suit.

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  1. So you're going to need to visit us in Augusta so you can see some for real American gypsies... ;)