Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sawbug's First Halloween

This year will be Sawyer Lang's first Halloween and I am SO excited.

My first thought was to dress Sawyer up as Yoda because he is so small and precious like the green one.
But not okay with that was Josh (yes, I just said that in Yoda grammar - get off it). And I don't think Sawyer would wear the Yoda ears hat.

Then I started thinking about the awesome super heroes I could dress him as.

But once again, Josh wasn't down.

So I thought maybe a pirate? But he'll have PLENTY of years to be a pirate....
Then I went on a cute overload and looked at lots of baby animal costumes. Really like the monkey one since we call him "monkey doodle" all the time... but I don't really want to dress him so cutesie.

So I think I have made up my mind...  He is going to be a ........

ha yeah right. ya'll have to wait until 10/31 :)

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