Friday, September 30, 2011

DIY Friday: Fall Candle Holder Thingies

Hey ya'll! DIY Friday has finally made an appearance after a pretty extended absence.

After pinning several things I wanted to make for the Fall I have finally gotten around to actually doing them. I saw the below pins and REALLY wanted to make some candelabra type things but didn't really care about making tops like them in the first picture and I knew I wanted to use lots of leaves in my decor this year so I pinned the second pic that features candles with leaves tied to them. What I ended up making thought, really didn't resemble either photo/pin....

I present to you, fall candle holder type thingies:

What You'll Need
3 Glass Hurricanes (dolla sto' for sho')
Faux leaves (you can get a bag of 60 from Rite Aid for $1!)
3 Wooden Spindles
3 Wooden Plate/Bases
Little Wooden Letter
Gold-ish Paint
Black Spray Paint
Double Sided Tape

What You Do:

1.  Paint the wooden spindle things and bases.
sprayed with black spray paint
2.  Glue spindle to base with Gorilla Glue then put something heavy on top and leave over night. Go easy with the Gorilla Glue - a little goes a long way and it shows up yellow on the black when it dries so you don't want to smear it.
peanut butter & formula cans work well.

3.  Once the glue dries, glue the glass hurricane to the holders. 
4.  I added burlap to the bottom of my hurricanes to kind of hide the awkward place where the glass meets the spindle. So, I just cut strips from a burlap sack we usually use to protect the jeep doors when they're off (sorry Josh) and taped them with double sided tape to the jar. This way, I can take the burlap off if I want to decorate the hurricanes different later.

5.  Fill hurricane glasses with leaves and a candle.... or just leaves if you can't find the candles you want to use.

Put double sided tape on the back of one of the faux leaves and use it to hide the spot where the burlap ends meet.

6.  For the middle candle I painted little letters (.39 at Michael's chicka chicka yeah) that spelled "fall" and just hot glued them to the burlap.

7. Find a band-aid for where you burnt yourself with the hot glue gun then Step back and admire your handywork.

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