Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Target Tuesday: Mama needs some shoes.

I am linking up with Tara over @ Fabulous But Evil. for Target Tuesday!

Man have I missed being able to link up since I have had so many other things going on. I have found a crap ton of awesome Target things in the dollar aisle lately, but what I am really focusing on are their amazing shoes! My birthday is coming up on September 27 and I have requested shoes from every possible gift-giving person.

Adore. These. Boots.

Would really prefer these to not be patent, but red shoes are awesome no matter what.

how perfect would these by for Pirate football games!?!?! - too perfect is the correct answer. (just probably not $33 perfect)

Women's Merona "Versie" Pumps - Black - $28
I have been looking for plain, non-patent, non-pointy-toe, and non-stumpy heel black pumps EVERYWHERE to no avail. So of course Target has them.

And in the words of Ace Hood/Rick Ross/Lil Weezy "baby need some shoes"....

Target Ministar Designs Boy's Football shoes - $14.99

Baby ACC Bootie Slippers - UNC - $8.99

Wouldn't my Sawbug be stylin' in these?

GO link up!

Please continue to remember my best friend Hope whose grandma died Sunday after a tough battle with cancer, also remember Josh's cousin Michelle who had her baby boy, Wallace on Friday.


  1. Love the red shoes! Just a dab of glitter and you could be Dorothy in Wiz of Oz!!
    Prayers for Hope and family. Congrats to Michelle--what a great name for the baby....he has big shoes to fill.

  2. those double buckle boots = amazing!