Thursday, September 15, 2011

juggling act

Hey ya'll.

I have been a bad blogger and for that I am sorry.

However, life has been more than a little crazy right now.

If you follow me on Facebook then you already saw me say this, but trying to juggle being a good wife, mama, employee, daughter and friend has gotten extraordinarily difficult as of late.

Things at work have been so crazy with our new superintendent and other things going on in the system so I have been getting home later than usual. Monday I didn't even make it home until 10pm because I had to stay for the Board of Education meeting then send out a press release about our interim superintendent starting early and also update our website to take the old superintendent off.

And it's like a domino effect from there. Getting home late means Josh has to take care of Sawyer by himself which means he doesn't have a free hand to feed himself supper or take a shower until Sir Sawbug decides he is sleepy, which isn't too often. Then Josh and I have been fussing because we get into a fight over who had the worse day or how I shouldn't be so focused on work all the time - pettiness at its finest.

Because things have been so busy at work I couldn't even get off to go to Hope's grandma's funeral or visitation which makes me feel like a horrible friend - even though Hope understood.

I haven't even talked to my dad all week, usually we talk every single day when we're both driving home from work.

Please just say a little prayer that I don't drop one of these roles I am juggling.

I promise to work my hardest to get back into blogging every day - obviously I've already fumbled the Blogger role from the jugging rotation....


  1. goodness gracious Lauren! You have def got a lot on your plate..Idk how you do it..props to you :)

  2. omg girl you do have lots going on!
    dont get too stressed things will settle down soon :)

    hope you have a great thursday!

  3. Bah! I feel ya, and I don't even have the "mommy" role, so I don't know HOW you do it!