Wednesday, March 31, 2010

be the bigger person, be the bigger person, be the bigger person

I am tired.
I am tired of being the bigger person in situations.
I should want to rise above and be a better christian and person in general than those who try to bring me down, but it is so hard.
I was always told "just ignore them" when someone said/did something ugly about/to me, but every once in awhile Big Mark would say "sugar pig [yes he called me sugar pig, shut up], you have to stick up for yourself". Contradiction much?
Today, I chose not to sink down to their level, but to stand up for myself as well as other married people.
Someone who I used to be very close to posted something tacky on the wall of someone else I used to be very close to. The post was written awhile back, but it was just brought to my attention.
The wall post [an example of why Facebook ruins lives] said something to the extent of "marriage sucks, you should be glad you're single because married people are dull and fat." Granted I think this person was trying to boost the other person, but in doing so she put down a lot of people.
Now, this could be taken as a general comment, however instead of just saying "married people are fat" the person really said "married people have FAT HIPS". I take that personally. Very personally.
First of all, since this person is un-married she has no idea what it is like. My marriage is not boring and monotonous and I learn new things about Josh every day. We still play and laugh and, if anything, I am even happier now than I was when we were dating and engaged. I have heard the same things from other married couples we hang out with about their marriages.
Yes, marriage can be hard, especially when times are tight, but toughing things out together and learning to lean on one another makes our relationship that much stronger, not "monotonous".
On to the "fat hips" section of this statement. Wow. I will be the first to say that I am one curvy girl. I am aware that I have a 40 in. hip/butt span and that my days of fitting into sz. 4 pants are LONG over. However, this has absolutely nothing to do with being married. I know women who are married and look better than they ever did in their single days. Granted, a lot of my weight gain has occurred since I was married, but I also had knee surgery in 09 that rendered me useless in the exercise department for awhile and a lot of stress from switching jobs twice. And my husband likes my curves just fine thanks. Besides, like I always say, fruit taste better than sticks.
So my response to said post is that I am happily married, and glad I am not a bitter, envious person. I personally think that going out with the same people, to the same bar area and getting the same level of stupid drunk every weekend is monotonous and boring, but you don't hear me saying that being single is full of monotony and boredom [which IS spelled with an "e" by the way].

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