Thursday, April 1, 2010

don't grocery shop while hungry and don't blog while angry

So... I may have lost it a little yesterday. Therefore I have now prohibited myself from blogging with freshly hurt feelings/anger. Not that I didn't mean every single word I said, but there was no need in stirring the pot because nothing good came of it.
But it's a new day and I have new things to say (that sounds like it belongs in a Dr. Seuss book doesn't it?).
Last night on the way home I talked to a good friend of mine who is going on a Spanish adventure soon and is looking for a travel companion. Now, if I had unlimited resources and no husband/dog at home to take care of, I would hop right on an airplane and venture into Madrid, Sevilla and any other place we could go. But, I am a newlywed with a new job and a lot of responsibilities, so I shall stay in Macclesfield.
What makes it even worse is that even if I could afford the time & money to go, I still couldn’t take the adventure with my friend because the friend is male. If I were to travel with him, I (and he) would be the talk of the town.
Usually I wouldn’t care about what other people had to say, but since the rumours (that’s just for you friend) of an affair, an illegitimate child that I was running away to have, or that my husband beat me so my friend was taking me away from harm would run rampant and those would not just affect me, but Joshua and my friend as well.
I hate that men and women can’t travel together as friends. Who is to say that just because I would tour Spain & Europe with a guy that we were doing the dirty? Now granted, I’m sure there are those out there that would abide by the “what happens in insert town name here stays in insert town name here”, but we would not.
Some people say that girls and boys can’t be “just friends” but I beg to differ. I had lots of guy friends growing up and this friend in particular is one of my best. We’re a lot alike and we have the same sense of humour(again) that sometimes only we understand and we share a love for Spanish things (his a little more developed than mine). We also share a distaste for bad grammar (i.e. your ≠ you're and their ≠ they're ≠ there).
Anyway… all I’m saying is that I would kill to travel with him on new adventures, he certainly deserves it after stressing hard for the past couple of years with his crazy hectic career choice. I guess I will live vicariously through him and his pictures of places I can only dream about exploring. At least I'll bypass my fear of being slaughtered in a hostel or being taken Natalie Holloway style.

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