Thursday, April 15, 2010

i am not my sister.

I went to SWE the other day to take some photos and not one, not two but SIX teachers thought I was my sister. I am not offended because my little sister is beautiful, but she is SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD, blonde, has a much lighter pigment than I do and has blue yes. Yes, we favor A LOT, we have the same face shape, nose and both of us have big "harrell" eyes (only in different colors) but she is blonde and I am sort-of-red-headed and I am certainly not 17.
I know that one day i will appreciate that I look younger than I am, but really folks? Not only that, but I was obviously there working. I had on a ECPS name tag, a visitors pass, dressy clothes and a very large camera in my hands. What about that screams "I AM AN EX-SWE-STUDENT JUST VISITING!"

I feel like people are just mentally lazy. They don't even take the time to notice things just automatically assume what they want.
This mistaken identity happens at Webbs Chapel a lot too. Josh can't stand it because people will walk up to him and Dee and ask "how's married life going kids?" or they'll go up to John and ask "is Lauren's knee doing better?".
Even students that work at the local Hoggly Woggly call me Dee. Or they'll say "you look just like Deanna" to which I always respond "No, she looks like me". I am indeed the oldest.
I love my sissy, but would it kill people to even TRY and distinguish between us?!
If only I had an OLDER sister who looked like me back when I was dying to get into the Cavern to hear Chairmen before I was 18, this would have been a lot more useful.

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