Friday, April 9, 2010

the purse game

If you have attended a Premiere Jewelry party (which I am sure a lot of you have since a lot of people sell it around these parts) you may have played the purse game.
In the game, the lovely Premiere hustler (my favorite being Miss Andrea Papp)tells the party go-ers about Premiere Jewelry in kind of an acrostic format. She reads a letter which corresponds to a key point in the Premiere set-up and the ladies have to find something in their pocketbooks that corresponds to that letter. For example, if Andrea called out "G" because Premiere offers a "golden guarantee" on all their jewelry you would dig through your purse until you found a "gum" or a "glock" or something and whip it out to receive a ticket which enters you in to win a prize at the end.
Well.... it is my favorite game.
I am not sure why I enjoy it so much, I guess because I am just naturally competitive and because I carry my life around in my purse.
Here are all the items I have in my purse (which is my favorite spring-time bag, a giant pink leather Liz bag) right now:

My busted-up BlackBerry that Sookie has tried to eat on more than one occasion. If my life is in my purse, my UNIVERSE is on my BlackBerry. Numbers, photos, emails, texts, reminders, dates, music... you name it, it’s on there.

An Albuterol inhaler, for when I have to walk more than 5 feet in the yellow haze that has fallen over Edgecombe County and I completely lose the ability to breathe.

My planner (I don’t actually have either of these precious Lilly Pulitzer ones, I have a sad looking dark green “The Daily Reflector” planner, but next year, a Lilly planner will be mine.

The best camera I have ever had, a Canon Powershot. It’s small, it’s point and shoot, but takes the best pictures. It has survived falling down the stairs at ECU games, being dropped in the sand in St. Lucia and Sookie’s mouth.

A silver clutch that I use a wallet. The best thing of all time is that I can take out the clutch and use it as a purse when just running in somewhere or going out at night. It is the perfect size, has a card organizer and holds everything I need.

Lash Blast mascara by Covergirl. The best mascara I have ever used.

Lore├íl’s True Match powder. Ah-maz-ing. It feels like your face is naked and makes your skin look oh so good.

Softlips chapstick. This stuff is too good to even call chapstick. It is more like a magical lip balm.

Noxzema Wipes. These smell terrible but feel wonderful. They are great for removing makeup, a nice refresher when your face is hot and feels grimy or even for removing dog slobber from a pair of black pants.

A reporter’s notebook and endless amounts of pens and pencils. You never know when an idea might occur.

Red-head bobby pins. The best thing to fix any hair problem. These things litter our house, my car, my purse, the pockets of my pants and are even scattered around town I’m sure.

Starbursts. The easter bunny brought me a lot of them, and they are my go –to candy when I have a snack attack. There are only orange ones left now, which I don’t like but will eat when I have to (pink and yellow are my faves).
There are also standard pocket book things such as tampons, Kleenex, and the like. If I lost my purse, my life would go right along with it.

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