Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sookie poops in multi-colors

I don't have a lot of time to compose a witty, anecdotal blog today since I am trying to piece together a program for the big Artsplosion event along with schedules, catering and the like, so I am going to just list the things that Sookie has destroyed/eaten and then pooped out since she joined our family in June 2009:

* the canvas covers for our wicker furniture (include the digestion of the safety pins that were holding together one of the seams)
* two tiki torches
* every single one of the toys we've bought her except her giant kong (this includes a tire toy MADE for heavy chewers and several tennis balls)
* more pairs of underwear than I can count, the piles of poop in the corner of our yard are multi-colored
* our kitchen rug from Pier 1
* my brown & gold Coach bag (shhhh, Josh doesn't know about that one yet)
* ENDLESS amounts of toilet paper rolls
* the bottom corners of the bathroom cabinet doors and the cabinet itself
* our bedskirt
* Pooh Bear's t*shirt
* One of Pooh's eyeballs
* my Blackberry (still working though)
* the cases to several DVDs
* two of my favorite soft Polo tshirts
* her ECU collar
* her UNC collar (that used to be Mac Daddy's)

Things she's tried unsuccessfully to ruin:
* my green & white Jack Rogers, luckily she only pulled out a few of the stitchings
* my North Face (she did manage to eat one of the zippers)
* Josh's bar in the man cave (apparently wrought iron can withstand her teeth)
* my pink & green Herve Chapelier bag
* our marriage

Remind me why we still have this animal?

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