Monday, April 12, 2010

busy little bee

The rest of this month is going to be incredibly busy, so this post may be my last for awhile (or it may not, depending on how on task I stay at work).
Here's the agenda:
This Tuesday & Wednesday during the day I have huge Relay for Life meetings (I am the head of Relay for Life for ECPS) with the individual schools then with the main office.
Tuesday night there is a Edgecombe County E.C.U. Alumni event for Josh and I to attend at the Main Street Inn.
Wednesday at lunch I have a luncheon to attend for United Way at NCWC.
This weekend is my beautiful little sister's prom so I'm sure I'll be riding all over town with her before carting her back to Raleigh for the prom (which is held at the Museum of Life & Science, how cool is that?).
Quiz Bowl for ECPS elementary & middle schools is Thursday & Friday so I'll be there taking photos and getting information for press releases.
Artsplosion, an annual event that includes ChoralFest, BandFest, VarietyFest, and me killing childrenFest, is coming up next week so I am busy ordering favors, creating programs, making invitations, making certificates, organizing times, schedules & lineups and all sorts of fun. The weirdest part of this adventure is that I remember participating in ChoralFest & BandFest as a kid and the same teachers are still leading it, so weird to be the one emailing them to remind them about submitting information and getting the names of all their kids to me.
Then the last night of Artsplosion I have to leave straight from the event to get to the OBX for a wedding (which I am really looking forward to).
The first weekend in May (the next weekend) is the "cousin's" trip to the beach for some of Josh's family, so we'll be back in the sand that weekend.
That is only the next 3 weeks, I hope it isn't a preview of what this summer is going to be like.

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