Thursday, April 29, 2010

my bathroom is now painted "Natural Beige" by Loreal

I had to get up very early this morning (at 6AM!!) and be at work by 7:30 because Rep. Joe Pat Tolson and Senator Clark Jenkins have a meeting with the school board and I need to arrange breakfast and what not.
After I had pried myself out of bed,gotten my hair fixed and put on my outfit for the day, I went to put a little more foundation under my eyes since my allergies are creating beautiful dark circles under them.
As I opened the bottle of Loreal True Match Super Blendable foundation... it fell... from my hand... and exploded on the tile floor.
The bottle shattered and "Natural Beige" flew all over my bathroom.
It hit my hair on the way down, slid down my dress, then slammed into the floor and spattered on the white cabinets, white tile, pink rug and my poor Sookie girl.
Sookie immediately freaked out and went running through the house spreading it on the hardwood and then the side of the couch.
I just stood there shocked at the foundation rolling down my black dress and sitting in my hair.
I came out of my panic-induced coma and yelled for Josh to get out of bed and throw Sookie outside and I immediately stuck my hair under the faucet to wash the foundation out. Then I grabbed the entire box of baby wipes that were in the cabinet and began mopping up the $9 worth of the perfect shade of foundation off my door, cabinets and tile.
Once the floor was white again I had to pick another outfit. I am kind of glad about this, because I had totally forgotten about the hidden stash of J.Crew clothes I purchased this weekend at the J.Crew outlet at the OBX. So I got RE-DRESSED in a pink strapless Pique dress with pockets from J.Crew with a white cardigan, gold Jack Rogers and a precious gold necklace with a little ball of colorful enamel flowers also from the J.Crew outlet {dont tell Josh}.
Hey, they say bad mornings make for good days, so this better be the best 'effin day in history.

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