Wednesday, April 7, 2010

things I found

Bright and early Saturday morning while I was still snuggled up in bed, Joshua took it upon himself to clean out the Rodeo so it would be ready to trade in if we found the perfect car. This was a bad decision on his part.
Not only was he angry at how filthy I had let the Rodeo get, but he woke me up at the early hour of 10am to dump a Wal-Mart bag full of little scraps of paper he had found.
Thinking he had simply dumped trash on the bed to wake me out of my beauty sleep I just sat up and look at him with the “exit the bedroom” look.
But he just ignored me and said, “These are notes and directions and lists and other ridiculous things that had been left in your car for the past 6 years.”
At that time I didn’t care it the bag was full of Starbursts, I wanted 30 more minutes of sleep. But last night I dug through the bag to see what had been hiding under the seats and in the cushions of my ride.
It was like a time-machine.
I found a receipt from a gas station that I had written “DOWNLOAD SPLASH WATERFALLS – LUDACRIS” on that was dated 1/2004 (if I hear a song I like on the radio, I used to write it down). By the way, I apparently filled up my 16 gallon tank with only $22.
Directions were written on yellow sticky note that just said “go past West Edgecombe church, take next three rights to meadowbrook.” So of course I got on GoogleMaps later to find out where the directions led, which were right to my friend Bailey’s house. This means I wrote those at the beginning of my junior year of H.S. It’s crazy.
There were endless notes from friends and movie ticket stubs in the Rodeo. I found a stub for “The Grudge” and one for “Walk Hard” then a receipt from Millies and another from a gas station in Virginia after a trip I took there with my UNCW roomie to go to Kings Dominion.
So it looks like I have keepsakes to remember the things I did in the Rodeo, not just memories.

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