Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Euro Adventure - Day 4 (finally)

Now I just know you have all been on the edge of your seats awaiting my next post about my European Adventure. In case you're just stopping by (or if you have already forgotten about the trip since it has been entirely too long since my last real post), read about it here and about the other days too (1, 2 and 3). 

Anywhooo, day four of my adventure began bright and early with packing up our stuff and boarding the bus to Florence, Italy.

Once we arrived, we of course had to walk about a mile from where our bus dropped us off to where we would begin our tour.

After a little shopping, we met our tour guide... whose name I cannot remember.

We got to see the outside of the beautiful Baptistery of St. John and the Florence Cathedral, called the Basilica of St. Mary of the Flower.

the front of the cathedral

The cathedral is made of marble and has intriciate statues, the twelve ones at the top are of the twelve disciples, the statue in between the disciples if of Mary with baby Jesus. 
the front of the Baptistery
the Baptistery doors

the cathedral belltower
 After seeing beautiful architecture of the Basilicia, Baptistery and Belltower, we set out to enjoy some of the other beautiful scenes. First, we had to rub the nose of Porcellino, the statue of the bronze Florentine boar. Supposedly it works kind of like the Trevi Fountain, if you rub his nose it means you'll return to Florence, but there's more. If you put a coin in his mouth and make a wish it should come true.
one of the Canadian guys rubbing Porcellino's nose
left a permanent mark on Florence. A lot of people had signed the bridge,  so I decided it needed the names "Lauren, Josh & Sawyer" on it too.
beautiful views
more beautiful views
being obnoxious Americans. me and Dustin
lunch in Florence
lovely. famous American figures as the lord and his disciples  at the Last Supper.  a picture in our  lunch  restaurant

is it just me or does that statue have serious camel toe?
the famous statue of David, which by the way is a COPY!? did anyone else know the original is in a museum?
One thing about Florence? I was very sick of seeing marble penis everywhere. I swear, would have been so hard to put some clothes on these folks?

After sight-seeing, we visited a leather shop and saw a leather-marking demonstration, however I used the moment to take off the giant boot, so I was at the back of thte line. Therefore, I had to take a picture in the mirror. 

We finished the day with a 6 mile walk to our bus, I am not even kidding. The bus then took us on a nice long ride to Milan where we boarded the train to Paris.... but I will tell you all about that part of our adventure tomorrow!

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