Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Euro Adventure - Day 3

On day 3 of our Euro Trip, we had a FREE DAY, well part of us did any way, the Canadian group and the folks from the other NC group had booked an excursion to Pompeii, but not only I've ridden the ride "Escape from Pompeii" at Busch Gardens, so I'm good.

the RIDE, probably not quite as accurate as the excursion would have been.
Our tour guide gave us what he thought were "easy" instructions on how to get back to Central City in Rome, and he'd taken us by the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps briefly the day before, so we hopped a bus and hoped for the best.... sadly we didn't hope hard enough. We got a little turned around and spent a good hour and a half just walking around a random part of Rome. Everyone we asked for directions just gave us dumb looks, even though I am fairly certain they spoke English and were just being mean.

Once we finally got to the fountain, we split up and shopped around, but not until we each through a quarter in the fountain first so we'd be sure to come back to Rome one day as the legend goes.

the famous Trevi Fountain

Lindsey & Dustin tossing their quarters into the fountain
Now comes the moment when I discuss trying to find a place to pee in a foreign country. My friends, it is difficult. For example, you don't just waltz into a place to use their bathroom. You need to BUY something. and in some places, you have to pay just to use it. 

Then you never know what you may find in the "bathroom". We used the toilet featured below a LOT because it was right beside the fountain, located inside a "farmacia" which had plenty of cheap candy we could buy then use the rest room. 
You'll notice that there is no toilet seat. You had to squat, there was no choice. Also because of the tight quarters, your leg had to touch that nasty trash can to the left. Yuck.

Shops at the base of the Spanish steps, notice Dior, Missoni and  Prada
the Steps, oh yeah, the Boot LOVED those
looking down from the steps, there were people EVERYWHERE

taking a break from being lost while trying to find our restaurant
eating dinner
This is where things got tricky. Let me explain first that EF Tours books our dinners way in advance since we all eat dinner together as a group each night. Well, on this particular evening we arrived at our restaurant early because we had been on our own, but the tour guide and the rest of the big group that were at Pompeii got there just a little late. Well homey that owned the place was FREAKING OUT about us being there so long so he started snatching up our food then our waters then our tablecloths right off the table in front of us. Finally we took a hint and just left.

This day was also the day I decided I could no longer rock the boot. My hip hurt worse from hiking the boot up and my step being so uneven than my my ankle did. So I just wrapped it crazy tight and hoped for the best.

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  1. that is crazy what happened at the restaurant